In Season 2, Abigail participates in a musical led by Finn and Mistii.

The Songs

  1. In "Moving On" Abigail is singing a song in private when Ethan interrupts her. He has her sing it again, to "visualize" the choreography. When she sings it for Ethan she intentionally sings it obnoxiously and terrible. Then Ethan tells her to sing it properly and she sings it extremely well.
  2. In "The Naturals" Abigail is singing in the musical. She sings this song perfectly.

Lyrics 1

Abigail (Dena Kaplan) Singing

Abigail (Dena Kaplan) Singing

Song #1

You make believe that its safe where it's warm
I've seen what lies in the eye of the storm
Let the walls tear down
Let the flaws all drown
To be lost and found
Is what it takes to land on solid ground
Solid ground

Lyrics 2

To look at me you'd think
I'm just the sum of all my parts
Well listen to me, see into me
This is where it starts
Let me have a voice
Let me speak and be heard
Let my spirit be stirred
With each perfect word
Its my choice
My one magic spell
Inside every cell
The story I tell with my voice
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