Picture 7
Anthea Armstrong
Full Name Anthea Armstrong
Gender Female
Hair Color Dark Brown
Family Daughter


Relationships Unknown Ex-Husband
Job Dance Teacher
Anthea Armstrong is Abigail's mother. In the second season, she and her husband split up, and her husband sold their house, leaving her stranded. She came to Abigail, and was very controlling. She found out about Abigail's musical, and said she had to focus on the Prix, and could not go back. Finally Abigail stood up to her mother, refusing to complete the second part of the Prix de Fonteyn. Anthea wildly overeacted, exclaiming that she could not breathe, and Abigail calmly states that she is not responsible for her breathing. Anthea then went on to teaching ballet in the classroom a bit and was still at the academy when Sammy died.
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