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Ari Lieberman
Full Name Ari Lieberman
Gender Male
Family Mr. Lieberman (father)

Mrs. Lieberman (mother)

Sammy Lieberman (older brother/Deceased)

First Episode Real Men Don't Dance
Last Episode The Second
Reason After Sammy's funeral, we never see the Liebermans again.
Portrayed By Narek Armaganian

Ari Lieberman is Sammy's little brother.

Season One

In Real Men Don't Dance, he was seen teasing Sammy about dancing by saying "But I'm dancing! Don't you think I'm beautiful when I'm dancing!" and was dancing like a ballerina to tease him.

Season Two

In Like No One's Watching, Ari unexpectedly turns up at the Academy with a bruise on his face. Sammy, believing his brother was a bullying victim calls up his mother to tell him Ari was at the Academy, only to find out Ari was the bully in the situation, having picked on a Mathlete for taking his spot on the hockey team, and during the national round of the Prix de Fonteyn, Ari and his father, Dr.Lieberman (finally) show up to one of Sammy's performances- not knowing that he was exceptional enough to get into the internationals. Ari is shocked and heartbroken at the death of his beloved brother.