Ashleigh Ross

Ashleigh Ross
Scout (20).jpg
Birth Name Ashleigh Ross
Date of Birth October 7th, 1999
Place of Birth Australia
Gender Female
Nickname(s) Ashi
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Red
Occupation(s) Actress, Dancer, Singer, All Round-Performer

Ashleigh Ross plays Scout in Dance Academy. Ashleigh is currently home schooled and is an excellent student both academically, as well as with her performing arts. Currently Ashi is also learning to play the piano. She has appeared in numerous TV commercials and catalogues and her first voice-over was singing in a campaign for the 2018 Soccer World Cup Australian bid. Ashleigh currently studies acting, piano, singing, classical ballet, jazz, hip hop and acro/gymnastics classes and to date with her exams has achieved honors and distinctions.She has a unique ability to retain the words to songs and scripts after only having heard or read them once or twice and has been amazing friends and family for years. Ash is also very quick at picking up accents, she loves to chat with her dad and grandparents (who are Scottish) with her own Scottish accent and also loves to mimic television shows and recite movies with an American accent.

Filmography and Theater


Show Role Year
My Place May 2009
Dance Academy Scout 2010
Spirited Okinawa 2010


Commercial Role Company
Pork # 6 Girl at BBQ Australian Pork Industry
8 Colours of Smarties Project Brown Curious
Glad Air Little Girl in Kitchen
Pork # 3 Girl at Table Australian Pork Industry


Play Role Performed On
Mary Poppins Jane Banks Broadway
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