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ILuvvDanceAcademy24* ILuvvDanceAcademy24* 24 April 2020

Dance Academy:Breaking Pointe

This is my review to the episode of the Dance Academy:Breaking Pointe,

After Reviewing and watching the episode, it  is very true that Tara is clearly right that Saskia Duncan broke her back during her private lesson for the prie du fontance audition and Ben was actually in the room and witnessed it and he saw what had happened and  both Tara & Ben told her to please stop and she did not stop and then POP her back breaks and snaps, that is literally and liability to a dance student and dancer at the academy and dance academy when Saskia is the member or staff of the academy and dance company and it literally clearly effects the other dancers,teachers,Miss Raine,dance academy & dance company and it also literally effects Miss Raine's job and…

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Jeroylove1325 Jeroylove1325 4 January 2014


So cool

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KamikazeCat28 KamikazeCat28 30 September 2013

It's the end...

So Dance Academy has finally ended... It feels weird doesn't it? This feeling seems normal to me though... I guess it's because it's kind of like graduating High School and now I'm exposed to the real world where everything's harder. Yea, both events have pretty much provided me with the same feeling. I still can't believe either of them are over... It's still seems so surreal even though graduation was a week and a half ago and the series finale was only a couple of hours ago...

All I can say now is that I like how Dance Academy ended. It ended on a good note and I couldn't ask for any alternate ending.

Farewell Dance Academy...


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Jean.c.vasquez3 Jean.c.vasquez3 25 September 2013

Dance Academy

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Kibl123 Kibl123 31 August 2013

viva la tour! (all about me)

i'm 14 years old, i love tara and christian they are my otp.i love reading and writing i even wrote fanfiction about dance academy on here is the link to it:

on to the more personal stuff

my favourite colour is green

my favourite food is pizza

my lucky number is 14 (i dont know why) 

i have a crush on a guy named davry

i'm filipino

i live in canada 

i have a nephew named gianni and about to have a niece

my favourite show is dance academy duuhh

my twitter is: @kibl123

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Got2BFionaC101 Got2BFionaC101 21 August 2013


Comment your favorite characters, episodes or couples and everyone else can reply back and tell you what they think of your choices :)

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Magicalmight Magicalmight 13 August 2013

Dance dance dance

Really enjoyed watching this series from season one and beyond.  I have to say I really watch for the dancing.  It has gotten better and more emotional each time.  Plus, they always find some great music to dance to.

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JessyPop JessyPop 24 July 2013

Anonymous Editing

EDIT: WE'VE VOTED AND ANONYMOUS CONTRIBUTIONS WILL BE TURNED OFF. Hey guys! I have a little thing to tell you about ^_^

The admins are wondering if anonymous editing should be turned off from this wiki. In my own opinion, it would be great for the wiki's social atmosphere, because a lot of anonymous contributors "troll" some of the pages by vandalizing, and some spam in page's comments, by acting they're a different person.

Now, this is supposed to be a community decision, so what about you guys? 

Here's a poll for you. Vote yes if you want anonymous editing to be turned off, or vote no if you want anonymous editing to still be active.

At July 30th (the day after the fourth episode of Season 3 of Dance Academy airs), the poll will come to a clo…

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Merlinarthur Merlinarthur 5 June 2013


It's official! Dance Academy Series 3 will be airing in Australia on Monday 8th July at 6pm on ABC3!

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HOA2012 HOA2012 19 May 2013

Transcript Pages

Ths Dance Acacdemy Wiki has a new feature! TRANSCRIPT PAGES!! 

  • 1 What is a Transcript?
  • 2 How  Can I Help With the Transcript Pages?
  • 3 Categories For Transcript Pages?
  • 4 Are Any Of These Page Complete'd Yet?
  • 5 Which Pages Are Currently Under Construction?

A transcript is a script of the show, that fans type out while watching  a television program or movie. Basically, it is an unofficial script of a work. 

After a Transcript Page is completed, it will be protected so that only administrators can edit it. However, if you would like to help, just ask on my message wall. If I allow you to help, than just work on whichever transcript page is currently under construction. However, please do not create a new transcript page without advising me, and then gett…

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JessyPop JessyPop 12 May 2013

Official Category List

Hi, I'm Jessy, one of the admins, and I'm going to make a similar blog post to the one I made a year ago. I think it's time to make a category blog post, since categories are running ammuck. Please follow the category list below.

Character Pages

  • Main Characters (if it applies)
  • Minor Characters (if it applies)
  • Females (if it applies)
  • Males (if it applies)
  • Dance Academy Staff (if it applies)
  • Teens (if it applies)
  • Children (if it applies)
  • Adults (if it applies)
  • Students (if it applies)

Episode Pages

  • Season One (if it applies)
  • Season Two (if it applies)
  • Episodes

Character Galleries

  • Character Galleries
  • Galleries

Episode Galleries

  • Episode Galleries
  • Galleries

Cast Galleries

  • Cast Galleries
  • Galleries


  • Actresses (if it applies)
  • Actors (if it applies)
  • Minor Cast (if it app…
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Merlinarthur Merlinarthur 7 April 2013

DA Wins Logies 2013!

Congratulations to Dance Academy Series 2 which literally just won the award for Most Outstanding Children's Program! 

Btw they said Season 3 will air sometime in July!!!!

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CrAsh CrAsh 6 April 2013

Bara or Tristian

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Gleekforever1018 Gleekforever1018 4 April 2013

Dance academy season 3

I can't wait for season three to come out here. I've been researching it and watching seasons 1 and 2 to keep me from being bored out my mind.

But get this; there's only going to be 13 episodes of season 3. I don't know about you but I want a spin-off, I want to see kate finish third year.

I also want to see who gets together in the end.

Share your thoughts below and tell me who you think will be together

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HOA2012 HOA2012 18 March 2013

Wiki Promotion???

Do you guys think that this summary wil be good for promoting our wiki??????

Our community focuses on the Australian ABC3 television show Dance Academy. In series one, Tara Webster struggles in her first year at the National Academy of Dance, between classes, exams, and relationships she can barely make it through alive. Having struggling relationships with Ethan Karamakov and Christian Reed, and a fierce rivalry with roommate, Abigail Armstrong,best friends Kat Karamakov, and Sammy Lieberman do more than help her get through it. In series 2, the students come back to the National Academy, ready to take on whatever comes in their way, only they're not. This year Tara and Christians relationship crashes and burns when Christian falls for Kat…

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HOA2012 HOA2012 12 January 2013

Keiynan Lonsdale Wiki

Keiynan Lonsdale Wiki is a wiki about Keiynan Lonsdale. Keiynan plays Ollie on Dance Academy. The first user to join the wiki and make 25 edits gets automatic adminship.

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HOA2012 HOA2012 3 January 2013

Top Ten Lists

Hey, I am the new admin, HOA2012 or Corrin Taylor. I understad that the users on this wiki have very strong opinions of characters so I have allowed Top Ten Lists and Forum pages.

Visit Top Ten Lists and vote. Feel free to comment your opinion, but if you use profanity the comment will be deleted.

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KarenLuvsYKW KarenLuvsYKW 28 December 2012

Season 3 Cast

To anybody that didn't know yet,Tim Pocock (Ethan Karamakov ) will not be coming back for Series 3 as well as Tom Green (Sammy Lieberman ) well, we all know the sad tragedy that happened to him. Xenia Goodwin (Tara Webster ), Dena Kaplan (Abigail Armstrong ), Alicia Banit (Katrina Karamakov ), Thomas Lacey (Benjamin Tickle ), Issi Durant (Grace Whitney ) andJordan Rodrigues (Christian Reed ) will be back for the 13 episodes of Series 3. Sadly, it will air in mid-summer 2013. Soooo far away! 

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Ambersibuna101 Ambersibuna101 22 December 2012

Help needed!

So, somehow some of these pages have been deleted and it's ruining the stability of this wiki! We need help to build this wiki up again! Sign ur name at the bottom if u agree to help! Thanks, Dance Academy Fanatics!

Ambersibuna101!!! :)

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PinkMockingjay:) PinkMockingjay:) 17 December 2012

Kat coming back to the academy!!!!!!

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Nora cullen Nora cullen 17 August 2012


K GUYS, HERES THE SICH, TARA AND BEN ARE MEANT FOR EACHOTHER! christian only relized he like tara when tara was daing ben= DEALBREAKER! ethan and tara were kinda awkward, it just dint click= YOU HAVE TO BE CONNECTED DEALBREAKER ben and tara are so cute together they laugh and its so care free, its as easy as breathing which is what a healthy relationship is supposed to feel like!!!!! BEN AND TARA = HAPPINESS!!!!

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HOA2012 HOA2012 3 August 2012

Dance Academy Wiki

Hey guys, I think that the Dance Academy Wiki should have a page for every episode. If you agree then sign your name in the comments and help!

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HOA2012 HOA2012 29 June 2012

Sammy's Memorial

Every dancer knows that being technically perfect isn't enough. We need to know why we dance. For me its to be connected and inspired by my friends. -Sammy Lieberman

Please leave comments below in honor of Samuel Isadore Leiberman. I would like to to see what you have to say. Sammy was one of those characters that you can really connect with. In fact, I connected with Sammy so much to the point when I cried when he died. I also cried during the following episodes. the characters performed various memorialsto Sammy within episodes 25 and 26. Now it is our turn to. I hope you can use my blog to express your feelings towards Sammy and his death. Please add to the comments section of the blog to share your "muffins" about Sammy and his death. :…

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Merlinarthur Merlinarthur 9 April 2012

Season 1 or Season 2?

Hi Dance Academy Fans!

I'm sure you're all watching Season 2 of Dance Academy!

So tell me, which do you think is better. Season 1 or Season 2?

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JessyPop JessyPop 8 April 2012

DA Wiki: New things set up

Jess here! Here's just a message from the admins.

  • 1 Characters 
  • 2 Galleries
  • 3 Character History (So far this is only for Minor Characters. Once we're done with Minor Characters, we'll go down to Main.)
  • 5 Kat Karamakov
  • 6 Abigail Armstrong
  • 7 Ethan Karamakov
  • 8 Christian Reed
  • 9 Grace Whitney
  • 10 Sammy Lieberman
    • 12.1 Trivia
  • 13 Trivia

Characters should have a standard layout. The most experienced page we have is Tara Webster. All pages should look like that until further notice.

Categories: Characters, Female Characters or Male Characters, Students or Dance Academy Staff (for those that apply), Teens or Adults or Children, Main Characters or Minor Characters

Galleries are supposed to be set on a seperate…

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Lolo45 Lolo45 18 March 2012


I just started and i just edit tom green's page check it out edit if i did something wrong thanks

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