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Dance Academy Wiki is about the Australian-American show Dance Academy Dance Academy follows eight teenage students who attend the National Academy of Dance. They go through there own personal problems; while they struggle through the pressures of winning a contract with the Academy and becoming the next principal dancer.

Tara Webster, a sheep ranchers daughter, starts out at the very bottom. She has hopes to rise to the top and be the best; meanwhile she would do anything to get the boy of her dreams; Ethan Karamakov. Ethan Karamakov; always knows where he's going and smells like Christmas.Ethan is a senior at the Dance Academy, hoping to recieve a company contract, but his rebel sister could wreck it all. Kat Karamakov, Tara's best friend and Ethan's younger sister, is THE rebel at the Academy. Her mother being a principal dancer, her father a choreographer, and Ethan (probably the next principal); Kat feels forced to stand out and her answer is REBELLON. But how can she be rebellious with a goody goody Jewish boy tagging by her. Samuel Lieberman tries to live up to the expectations,but like Tara struggles. He also struggles to win the girl of his dreams Abigail Armstrong- a ballet crazed anorexic and a new best guy friend, Christian Reed. Christian has gone out of line by robbing a surf shop with best friend Aaron. He hopes that joining the National Academy of Dance will put him back on the right track.

Season two introduces two new main characters. Grace Whitney and Benjamin Tickle. Grace is an ex-student to the Royal Ballet School in London. She is very devious and sneaky. Benjamin Tickle is very outgoing and will do whatever it takes to fit in. He is so loveable and has a very deep past.

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