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Season 2, Episode 2
Aus. Airdate

18 February, 2012

U.S. Airdate

November 28, 2012


Liz Doran


Ian Watson

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Faux Pas De Deux

"Dreamlife" is the second episode of season two of the Australian television series, Dance Academy. It aired on 18 February, 2012 on ABC3 and on November 28, 2012 on TeenNick. The episode was written by Liz Doran and Samantha Strauss.

Episode Overview

Tara meets prestigious former student Saskia Duncan, who invites her to a performance of The Firebird, and tells her stories of her busy dancing career since, which makes Tara doubt her future with Christian as well as his dedication to becoming a professional dancer; Saskia later falls during a performance and potentially ends her career. Kat tries to make friends with a group of girls at her new school, but is largely ignored. Sammy further struggles to find time to work at a restaurant to make money to support himself, while he and Christian spearhead an informal hip hop class since it was dropped from the official academy schedule, which becomes popular, although both are near-last and last (respectively) in classes. Abigail recruits two admiring first-year girls to dig up dirt on Grace, who has ranked first in every class after the first week. Grace eventually reveals the reason she left the Royal Ballet School in London was because she caused another girl to have a nervous breakdown and tells Abigail she "doesn't care about being the best."


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Dance Academy Season 2 Episode 2 - Dreamlife