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Season 1, Episode 13
Aus. Airdate

16 June 2010

U.S. Airdate

April 12, 2012


Samantha Strauss


Jeffrey Walker

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"Family" is the thirteenth episode of season one of the Australian series, Dance Academy. It aired on 16 June, 2010 on ABC3 and on April 12, 2012 on TeenNick. It was written by Samantha Strauss.

Episode Overview

It's Open Week at the Academy, when parents watch their children in a series of demonstration classes. Tara is thrilled to see her mum and dad again but when they arrive, she's afraid that she would be picked, because of she's afraid they won't be sophisticated as everyone elses parents. Later, Tara is shocked when her mom tells her the farm is in serious financial trouble. Tara realizes that family is the most important thing and makes a very difficult and adult decision about her future. However, Tara is given a second chance when Miss Raine announces she won the first year scholarship, enabling her to continue at the Academy. Meanwhile, Kat feels betrayed that Natasha has reneged on a family holiday she'd promised in order to dance in yet another international ballet. Kat seeks revenge by 'borrowing' Natasha's credit card for an expensive shopping spree. Sammy also suffers disappointment when his father fails to attend any classes, and he is left wondering if his father will ever accept that he wants to be a dancer. Sammy is also concerned about Abigail who is still recovering at home, and takes matters into his own hands when her mother prevents him from visiting her. Christian, who has no family to visit him, unexpectedly forms an easy connection with Tara's dad, Neil. Ethan however has trouble connecting with Neil who views Ethan as a spoiled, rich city kid and isn't thrilled that Ethan is dating his daughter.

Recurring Characters

  • Tara Morice as Miss Raine
  • Steve Vidler as Neil Webster
  • Vanessa Gray as Jan Webster
  • Victoria Hill as Natasha Wllis Karamakov
  • Matt Lee as Sean
  • Monique Spanbrook as Mrs Leiberman
  • Narek Armaganian as Ari Lieberman
  • Suzannah McDonald as Pip the Journalist



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