“Free Falling”
Season 1, Episode 16

Samantha Strauss

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A Midsummer's Night's Dream

"Free Falling" is the sixteenth episode of season one of the Australian television series, Dance Academy. It aired on June 21, 2010 on ABC3. The episode was written by Samantha Strauss.


Kat turns 16 so she decides to host a Sweet 16 Birthday Party.Tara is still guilty over her kiss with Christian and so much so, it starts to affect her dancing.When it's time for the party, Kat and Petra make jelly shots- which are full of alcohol, but they are completely unaware that they are spiked. Tara has private lessons with Miss Raine so she ends up missing the first hour and a half. Abigail make a remark, saying that Tara doesn't deserve to be Kat's friend. And speaking of Abigail, Petra wants her photo taken with Sammy, so Abigail takes a picture of them. She then sees a picture that Petra took of Christian and Tara kissing on Petra's phone and sends it to everyone on her contact list. Kat eventually gets drunk and her boyfriend, Lucas, tries to get intimate with her( in other words, Lucas tries to rape her as he is drunk too). Kat doesn't want that, and tries to push him away, but fails. Christian goes around  looking for Kat, as he is worried that she is drunk. Christian eventually finds Kat in one of the bedrooms with Lucas. He saves her from Lucas. They both go and talk outside and Kat ends up kissing Christian. Ethan and Tara end up seeing them together, after Ethan gives Tara a bird necklace. Then Tara clears off.Kat recieves a text on her phone that has the picture of Christian and Tara together, on the beach kissing. Kat shows Ethan the picture and clears off as well. Lucas and Christian get in a fight over Kat and soon the police get involved. Ethan saves Christian but is mad at him for kissing Tara. Mr Kennedy finds out and gives them all detention until further notice. As well as Ethan, Kat is angry with Tara for cheating on his brother. 

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