“Free Falling”
Season 1, Episode 16
Aus. Airdate

21 June, 2010

U.S. Airdate

June 20, 2012


Samantha Strauss


Catriona McKenzie

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My Life En Pointe


A Midsummer's Night's Dream

"Free Falling" is the sixteenth episode of season one of the Australian television series, Dance Academy. It aired on 21 June, 2010 on ABC3 and on June 20, 2012 on TeenNick. The episode was written by Samantha Strauss.

Episode Overview

Hurt when her parent's ignore her 16th birthday, Kat throws a huge party at their Harbour-front home. The house quickly fills with people and events spiral out of control. Kat gets drunk and Lucas tries to take advantage of her, but fortunately Christian is around to rescue her in time. Kat then pours her heart out to Christian and ends up kissing him. Petra drinks jelly shots unaware that they contain alcohol and Sammy and Abigail are forced to look after her. Meanwhile, Tara can't seem to get Christian out of her head and she's having trouble focusing on ballet and Ethan. Confused about her feelings, Tara arrives at the party determined to end her relationship with Ethan, however when she sees Christian kissing Kat, Tara flees the party drawing attention to her dilemma. Abigail takes full advantage of the situation and sends a damning photo of Christian and Tara to Kat's phone. The situation goes from bad to worse when Christian ends up in a street fight with Lucas and the police are called to shut the party down. At the Academy the next day all the students are in trouble for attending the party and placed on detention. Kat is on probation until further notice. 


  • Note to parents: This episode has some scenes which may be innapropiate for younger viewers. Please make sure of what your children are watching. 


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