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“Growing Pains”
Season 1, Episode 8
Aus. Airdate

9 June, 2010

U.S. Airdate

March 28, 2012


Sarah Lambert


Cherie Nowlan

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"Growing Pains" is the eighth episode of season one of the Australian television series, Dance Academy. It aired on 9 June, 2010 and on March 28, 2012 on TeenNick. The episode was written by Sarah Lambert.

Episode Overview

Abigail is devastated that her body is beginning to change in size and is unwilling to accept the changes in her developing body. She attempts to cover it up in class with her cross over. When Miss Raine asks Abigail to take it off, so she can correct her. Abigail replies that she fears she is coming down with an illness and goes to the Academy Doctor. The Doctor asks Abigail to take off her crossover to check her lungs and Abigail unwillingly takes off her crossover and tells the doctor that she always been the same size. The Doctor tells Abigail that she is in perfect height and weight proportion for her age. Abigail then tells Miss Raine that the Doctor has asked her to keep her crossover on as a medical precaution. Abigail's note issued by the Doctor is different so Miss Raine tells her she cannot dance out of uniform. Abigail continues to sit out during class. One morning Kat accidentally walks into Abigail's room looking for Tara, where Abigail is crying. She tells Abigail not to let her changing body be the one obstacle that stops her. In the meantime, Sammy is forced to buy a dance belt and Christian is ordered to accompany him as shopping partner. Meanwhile, Tara's sick of being the youngest and hates that Ethan sees her as just a little kid. So when Tara is seen talking with Damien Lang, a soloist in the Company and a local boy from Tara's hometown, a rumour is spread that they are dating. Tara is overjoyed by this rumour thinking that this will impress Ethan, but it becomes a scandal that jeopardises Damien's career, and Tara is called to the principal's office during class where she tells that the rumour took on a life of it's own, and is forced to admit the humiliating truth. She then then apologises to Damien who tells her not to grow up so quickly.

Recurring Characters

  • Tara Morice as Miss Raine
  • Robert Alexander as Mr Kennedy
  • Stuart McRae as Damien
  • Anne Looby as Dr. Wicks,
  • Kym Thorne as Hayley
  • Matt Lee as Sean
  • Shayni Notelovitz as Bonnie
  • Claire Cohen as Hazel
  • Stephen Multari as Tim


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Dance Academy S1 E8 - Growing Pains