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Season 1, Episode 24
Aus. Airdate

1 July 2010

U.S. Airdate

July 4, 2012


David Hannam


Cherie Nowlan

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BFF: Best Friends Forever


The Deep End

"Heatwave" is the twenty-fourth episode of season one of the Australian television series, Dance Academy. It aired on 1 July 2010 on ABC3 and on July 4, 2012 on TeenNick. The episode was written by David Hannam.

Episode Overview

In the weeks since the court hearing, Sammy and Christian have been inseparable. In fact, they've made a pact of brotherhood –from now on, they will forget all about girls and be an island of man. Sammy is elated; he's never had such a good guy friend. However, when Christian ditches Sammy to spend time with Tara, what Sammy feels is uncomfortably a lot like jealousy. Kat asks him whether he's developed a man crush on his friend and, while Sammy scoffs at this, over time he has to wonder whether she's right and worse, whether it's more than that? What if he likes Christian as more than just a friend? At the same time, auditions for the end of year production of The Nutcracker are upon them and Kat and Ethan's father - the internationally acclaimed Sebastian Karamakov –is directing the ballet. Ethan tries to impress his father with his plans for choreography but is told he is over-reaching and invited to be Sebastian's assistant instead. As auditions loom, Abigail's plans are derailed when she has to look after her little sister Paige who reveals that their parents are separating. The news hits Abigail hard but she manages to bury the pain and focus entirely on her audition. Tara approaches her audition differently; she's just happy to be able to dance again and does so without any expectations of what will follow. Kat drops a bombshell when she walks out of her audition, sending a clear signal to her father about how she feels about The Nutcracker. When the roles are announced Abigail is thrilled to discover she has a solo role, but she wouldn't be so happy if she knew that Tara has been given the even bigger role of Clara.





Dance Academy S1 E24 Heatwave