Learning to Fly, Part 2

“Learning to Fly, Part 2”
Season 1, Episode 26
Aus. Airdate

17 February 2010

U.S. Airdate

July 5, 2012


Samantha Strauss


Cherie Nowlan

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"Learning to Fly, Part 2" is the twenty-sixth episode of season one of the Australian television series, Dance Academy. It aired on 17 February 2010 on ABC3 and on July 5, 2012 on TeenNick. The episode was written by Samantha Strauss.

Episode Overview

The end of year production has arrived and on-stage at the Opera House, Tara continues to perform her Act 2 solo so badly that the director, Sebastian Karamakov, tells her he is seriously considering replacing her with Abigail. While getting her Act 2 costume fitted, Tara learns that many famous ballerinas before her also wore the same nightgown. This knowledge gives her confidence and Tara begins to perform her solo perfectly, believing she's only able to dance well when she's wearing the nightgown. Sammy also faces adversity when he learns his parents are refusing to pay for his tuition next year, regardless of his good marks. He begs his father to come to the performance, believing that if he saw him dance he'd change his mind. Meanwhile, Kat has told Myles she is going to come away with him on the road trip of her dreams; however this decision is complicated when she confides in Christian about her predicament and he makes it clear that she's running away from everyone who loves her. Kat disregards this advice and still leaves with Myles, it's not until she gets a panicked phone call from Tara that she realizes she's made a terrible mistake. Her friend needs her! Abigail has hidden Tara's sacred costume and when Tara discovers it isn't there she has major stage fright and can't go on. Eventually, overcome with guilt, Abigail helps convince Tara that the nightgown is only a costume, the magic lives inside her. As Tara steps out on-stage she stumbles but then performs the solo of her life. Surrounded by her Academy family, Tara dances more beautifully than we've ever seen her. Finally Tara Webster has her wish: she is flying.  


Dance Academy S1 E26 Learning to Fly Part 2
Dance Academy S1 E26 Learning to Fly Part 2
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