“Love It Or Fight It”
Season 2, Episode 23
Aus. Airdate

April 18, 2012


Courtney Wise


Daniel Nettheim

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Win or Lose


The Prix de Fonteyn

Love It Or Fight It

Roles for the end-of-year production of Peter Pan are announced, with Christian as Peter, Kat as Tinker Bell, and Abigail as Wendy Darling. Ben goes out of his way to get Tara to like him again, singing and dancing in front of the other students. Following Christian’s advice, Ben sets up an ice rink on Bondi Beach for her, eventually winning her over. Zach encourages Kat to tap into Tinker Bell’s jealous side, which leads her to have an epiphany about Christian. Realising that Christian is still in love with Tara, Kat decides to end their relationship. Abigail decides she needs to take time off from everything (including ballet), and decides to visit the Sydney Aquarium with Sammy to “prepare” for a date with Finn. She later cancels the date. Sammy and the other students also think about their future prospects.

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