Dance Academy Wiki
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Light brown
Relationships Sammy Lieberman (ex-boyfriend)
First Episode Perfection
Last Episode Perfection
Reason Mia broke up with Sammy after finding out he liked Abigail.
Portrayed By Alycia Debnam Carey

Mia is the ex-girlfriend of one of the Academy's student's, Sammy Lieberman. She made her first and only appearance as a guest star in the episode, Perfection.

Season One


Mia made her first and only appearance in the episode, Perfection. She arrived unexpectedly at the Academy to visit Sammy, who at the time was contemplating his feelings about Mia and Abigail, whom he developed a crush on recently. Mia visited Sammy on the way back from her foreign exchange in a kibbutz in Israel, where she joined her Swedish friends. She is likened by Kat, who strongly believes (in a jokingly way) that Mia is 'way out of Sammy's league'. Towards the end of the episode, Sammy gets tickets for Mia and himself to go to Swan Lake. The two plan to go together but when Abigail asks Sammy if he has an extra ticket, Sammy lies to Mia in order to go to the ballet with Abigail. He says that the tickets had "fallen through." Mia later gets ahold of a pair of tickets of Swan Lake but once she goes to meet Sammy she sees that he is already dressed up for the ballet, acompanied by Abigail. They later sit on a bench and discuss their relationship. They both mention how back home everyone said that they were perfect together. Sammy says how Abigail drives him crazy and Mia realizes that things are not the same as they were back home. After this the two breakup and Mia is never seen is any other episodes other than Perfection.