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Miss Raine
Miss Raine - profile.jpg
Full Name Lucinda Raine
Nickname(s) Lucy (by Grace)
Gender Female
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Dark brown
Family Grace Whitney (Goddaughter)
Relationships Marcus (husband)
Job Originally teacher, then headmaster of National Academy of Dance

Austin Ballet

School(s) National Academy of Dance

Austin Ballet

First Episode Learning to Fly
Last Episode Not for Nothing
Portrayed By Tara Morice
Alot of people come here thinking that wanting to dance is enough to make them dancers. It isn't.

—Miss Raine

Lucinda Raine is the headmaster (originally teacher) at the National Academy of Dance. She was promoted to headmaster afterMr. Kennedy. She is very strict and is shown to have favorites and people who she picks on during class.

Season One

In Learning to Fly she is seen discussing with Mr. Kennedy, a teacher and Tara about Tara going out at night without permission. When Kat covers for Tara, Mr. Kennedy asks Tara to show her solo that Miss Raine told him about.

In Free Falling she tells Kat and Christian to leave the room when they're playing around when they're supposed to be dancing.


Grace Whitney

Miss Raine is Grace's godmother. At first, it seems as if they were getting along very well as Miss Raine obviously appears pleased to have her at the Academy. However, Grace uses this connection to the headmaster to stay clear of punishment when breaking rules. In Episode 19, it is shown that Grace has trouble accepting her dad's second marriage as she claims him being the only person that ever cared about her. Miss Raine then comes to Grace's room to show her picture of herself and her mother in the late Eighties: they were very good friends. When Grace's mother became depressive, Miss Raine blamed her father because she thought she'd been off dancing in the company. This revelation must have given Grace more confidence in herself and makes her go see Zach, the dance teacher, to ask him to push her more so that she can keep enjoying dancing.

Tara Webster

In the first season Ms. Raine was unsure about allowing Tara into the Academy. But, after seeing her perform a wonderful solo, she changed her mind. Though, Ms. Raine gave Tara a hard time about her dancing. In the second season, Ms. Raine expells Tara for visiting an outside doctor for her broken back. Then, Ms. Raine helps Tara, after she recovers from being drunk, and claimed that she should have listened to her about Saskia.


  • "Mr. Lieberman, I believe the vernacular is 'Get a room'."
  • In Second Year, there are no second chances