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Kat and Myles

Myles Kelly
Full Name Myles Kelly
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Relationships Kat Karamakov (ex-girlfriend)
Job Singer
First Episode Heartbeat
Last Episode In The Middle, Somewhat Elevated
Reason Breaks up with Kat
Portrayed By Adam Saunders

Myles Kelly is a famous pop singer and Kat's boyfriend for half of Season One. They meet and after Kat posts a music video online, lip synching and reacting, "Hey Girl", a Myles Kelly song. Myles and his people are impressed by the video and invites her to be in his upcoming music video even though Kat made her video making fun of him because she isn't a fan of her music. They form a relationship after that. Myles is upset at being considered "manufactured bubble gum pop." and Kat inspires him to write his own music and do something he loves not what his manager wants. Over the summer between first and second year Myles and Kat go on a road trip across Australia surfing at all the beaches and going to as many concerts as possible. Kat breaks up with Myles at the start of Season 2.