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Natasha is the mother of Kat Karamakov, wife of Sebastian Karamakov and the stepmother of Ethan Karamakov. She is a principal dancer and world acclaimed ballerina in the beginning of Season 1, and isn't very present in Kat's life. Often when she shows up, Kat is less than happy. Kat always assumes she has an ulterior motive such as, her career. 

She has black hair and blue eyes.....<./span> . Relationships

Kat Karamakov

Natasha is Kat's mother, and hearby genuinly cares about her. However, Kat doesn't see it that way. In Season 1, Natasha returns from a tour; Kat sees this as her mother neglecting her and choosing dance over her. Whenever Natasha tries to step into Kat's life,Kat sees her as 'too controlling'. Kat always assumes that Natasha has an ulterior motive, or is going against her, but most of the time that is not the case. At one point in Season 1, Natasha tries to convince the board at the Academy that they shouldn't be taking away classes like hip-hop and jazz, but like always Kat jumps to the conclusion that since her mother "neglects and doesn't care about" her, she is trying to convince them of the opposite......

In Season 2, Natasha isn't furious at Kat because she didn't make it into second year like Kat was convinced that she would be. She wasn't even angered by the fact that Kat ditched her for Myles over the holiday. Kat wants her family to be 'normal', so Natasha takes them out for ice cream. Natasha sends Kat to school as a day girl, and even went into her class to watch her and her friends perform. When Natasha and Sebastian are offered jobs in Berlin, Natasha lets Kat decide what will happen. Either both Natasha and Sebastian to go to Berlin and Kat goes to boarding school, Natasha, Sebastian, and Kat all go to Berlin, or Natasha stays with Kat so that she can continue to be a day-girl. In Showcase, Kat tells Natasha that she can't stop her from living her dream, and Natasha lets Kat know that she trusts her, and then allows her to stay with Ethan.

Tara Webster

Tara has idolized Natasha since childhood and is delighted and shocked to find out that she is Kat's mother. Tara tries to talk to her, but isn't met with much advice; as she realizes that Natasha found her annoying. However, later she proves to like Tara. In class she praises Tara, and later tries to include Tara in Karamakov family activities.