New Rules

“New Rules”
Season 3, Episode 2
Aus. Airdate

July 15, 2013

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Second Chances

New Rules is the second episode of Season 3 of Dance Academy. It premiered on July 15, 2013 in Australia.

The main cast has returned for their third year at the Academy.The National Dance Company is in town for auditions, as they need a step-in for the role of Giselle.Christian has not yet returned and no one seems to be able to reach him. Tara,Grace and Ben are chosen to perform in Giselle and Tara is surprised to see that Saskia had returned.A birthday party for Abigail is being set in motion, Abigail who has feeling upset after being told by Rebecca that she would never make it into the company has no idea of the party.The party allows revelations to be made, such as Kat has bulima, shown after she vomits after not eating her slice of cake. Ollie is finding it hard to accept he didn't make it into the company and is re-doing the third year. Grace is finding it hard to fit in and Tara is avoiding her making things even harder.



Dance Academy Season 3 Episode 2 - New Rules
Dance Academy Season 3 Episode 2 - New Rules
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