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“One Perfect Day”
Season 1, Episode 11
Aus. Airdate

14 June, 2010

U.S. Airdate

April 5, 2012


Max Dann


Cherie Nowlan

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"One Perfect Day" is the eleventh episode of season one of the Australian television series, Dance Academy. It aired on 14 June, 2010 on ABC3 and on April 5, 2012 on TeenNick. The episode was written by Max Dann.

Episode Overview

Tara is ecstatic when she is offered a dancing role in Ethan's assessment piece. Is he finally beginning to see romantic potential in her? But when she arrives at the studio to find Ethan engrossed in conversation with his mentor — the talented, gorgeous and much older Dana Strong — it's obvious who Ethan has his sights on. Eager to impress Dana, Ethan pushes Tara mercilessly to dance however he mistakes cockiness for professionalism and confidence when forcing Tara to dance while fatigued and pushing his flirtation too far. In the end, Tara eventually catches on to Ethan's frustrations and dances his piece leaving him amazed, so much so, that he kisses her, though it is not the way Tara thought it would be. Meanwhile, Kat, Sammy , Abigail and her younger sister Paige head to Luna Park for the day. Abigail struggles to connect with Paige who would prefer to be in the company of Kat and Sammy.

Reccuring Characters

  • Tara Morice as Miss Raine
  • Melanie Vallejo as Dana
  • Zoe Ioannou as Paige
  • Nao Abbey as Silverman
  • Nicole Mitchell as Pas De Quatre Dancer
  • Kristin Scott as Pas De Quatre Dancer


  • When Christian plays the guitar on the bed, the high camera shots show him sitting cross-legged, while the low camera shots show him sitting with his right leg extended.
  • This episode marks the last appearance of choreographer and Ethan's mentor, Dana Strong.
  • This episode marks the first kiss between Ethan and Tara.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Abigail's younger sister, Paige.


  • "Don't be polite, she's been acting inappropriately all day." (Abigail Armstrong)
  • "Paige you can't just run off like that, Abigail's been eating her own hair." (Kat Karamakov) "No way, she's too worried about the fat count." (Paige Armstrong)
  • "Farewell, ye odd enemy. Unfortunately, I, uh... I knew you well." (Sammy Lieberman [to his shoes])
  • "You'll never be a gymnast if you don't stretch." (Abigail) "Did I say gymnast? Oh yeah, I said "journalist." They don't stretch." (Paige)


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