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Season 2, Episode 16
Aus. Airdate

April 5, 2012


Melina Marchetta


Ian Watson

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Moving On


Love and War

Episode Overview

The second-year students are asked to perform a piece expressing what made them who they are—Tara’s piece is influenced by a critical Grace, while everyone learns from Tara that Ben had leukemia, so he changes his initial performance (pretending to be a red blood cell) to an upbeat number in order to deflect the pity he says he became a dancer to get away from. Sammy travels to the Regional finals of the Prix de Fonteyn as he missed the Preliminary round in the city, taking a road trip with Ollie and Christian, whose father, Raf, unbeknownst to the others, runs his own custom surfboard shop in the area. Sammy auditions and gets in with Ollie’s help. Ollie is then revealed to be gay and admits to Sammy he likes him. Christian visits his father, and the two talk about Christian’s mother. His dad later gives him a surfboard as well as his phone number. Arriving back at the Academy, Christian visits Kat and kisses her, and dances his second-year piece from the experience of meeting his father.



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