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Petra Hoffman
Petra Hoffman - profile.jpg
Full Name Petra Hoffman
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Family Tobi (brother)
Relationships Sammy Lieberman (crush)
Job Student (formerly)
School(s) Dance Academy (former)
Affiliation(s) Dancing
First Episode My Life en Pointe
Last Episode Betty Bunheads
Reason She had to move to Berlin to be with her family, and become a professional dancer.
Portrayed By Maria-Victoria Dragus

Petra Hoffman was a character on Season 1 of Dance Academy. She was an exchange student from Germany who was assigned to room with Kat. They get along as roomates and appreciate each others unuseal photo collections, Kat's of bloody feet and Petra's of PDA's. Early in her stay, she finds a stray dog whom she calls Ziggy, and tries to keep it, hiding it in her dorm room. While chasing Ziggy to return him to his owners she takes a picture of Tara and Christian kissing for her collection of PDA's. Petra helps Kat set up her birthday party, and gets extremely drunk during the party. She helps reunite Tara and Kat after their friendship is broken. She had a bold crush on Sammy throughout her stay, although nothing comes of it. She was great friends with Kat, Tara, as well as Sammy. In Betty Bunheads, Petra left because she was offered a contract at the Berlin Ballet to become a professional dancer, and she missed her family deeply.

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  • She takes pictures of PDA's (Public Displays of Affection).
  • She made Abigail jealous by being Ms. Raine's favorite student and Abigail was afraid that Petra might steal Sammy from her.
  • She didn't know how to ride a bike before coming to Australia.
  • She called the dog she found Ziggy.
  • When at Kat's 16th birthday party she didn't realize the jello shots had alcohol in them and got quite drunk. She ended up throwing up on the table she had been dancing on with Sammy and Abigail.
  • She loved the Dance Academy because it was the first, and only time in her life where she could be an actual teenager.
  • Miss Raine first smiled on camera while seeing her dance the piece solo.


  • “He didn’t say it, but he wants me to come home.”
  • “I’m really sorry, I ever told you!”
  • “What if I fall?”
  • “Not me, I’m going back to Berlin. I accepted the companies offer.”
  • "I dance because I love it and because I can, not to be the best." (To Abigail)
  • "You know what the really sad thing is? If you put the same amount of effort into ballet that you put into being mean, you'd be a much better dancer." (To Abigail)
  • "Can you take a photo of us, Abigail?"
  • "That's how I'll remember you." (To Sammy after she kissed him) (Last line)