1. No profanity. Profanity is cursing and inappropriate/provocative language.
  2. No cyber-bullying.
  3. No ship-bashing. If you don't like a certain ship, do not leave a rude comment on that page. Your comment will be deleted immediately. Also, no ship-warring. Also, do not remove content from a certain pairing's page because you do not like them, that is trolling.
  4. Do not erase information unless you know it is false.
  5. Do not write false information on a page. It will be immediately erased. Also, do not create a page with false information for it will be deleted.
  6. If you would like to delete a page, please see an admin.
  7. Stay on topic with the article you are on. For instance, do not write about Sammy on the Kat page.
  8. No spamming! Spamming is posting the same thing over and over again, usually just to get achievement points. Spamming falls under commenting the same thing more than once and editing a page once every word just to get achievement points.
  9. No character bashing. Particularly on the Saskia Duncan page.
  10. Trolls

Consequences for Breaking Rules

  1. Warning
  2. Warning
  3. Warning
  4. Warning
  5. Warning
  6. One Day Ban
  7. Warning
  8. One Week Ban
  9. Warning
  10. If you are a troll you will be Permanantly Banned.
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