The Prix de Fonteyn is an elite international dance competition, similar to the Olympics of dance. Saskia Duncan and Grace Whitney are both winners of it.

It has 3 rounds:

- Preliminaries: Preliminary rounds take place in various regions around the country. Tara, Abigail, Grace, Christian, Sammy and Ben qualified for the next round.

- Nationals: Tara and Grace won in the female category and Sammy and Michael Slade won in the male category. They represented Australia in the internationals. After Sammy's death, Ben took his place in the internationals.

- Internationals: The year Tara and her friends are in second year, the international round of the Prix de Fonteyn is held in Sydney. Tara and Grace danced The Red Shoes. Ben was desqualified because he didn't report his performance to the jury. Every one danced with him Sammy's song. Grace won the Internationals.


The winner of the Prix de Fonteyn is given a scholarship and their choice to attend any ballet school in the world. When Grace wins, she chooses the National Academy of Dance.

Interesting Facts

- The Prix de Fonteyn shares a name with the famous ballet dancer Margot Fonteyn

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