Saskia Duncan
Full Name Saskia Duncan
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Job Dancer


Portrayed By Brooke Harmon
Saskia Duncan is a principal dancer at the National Ballet Company.

In Season 2, she posed as a major antagonist to Tara while teaching repertoire classes at the Academy, not being able to dance anymore because she went into rehab after injuring her ankle at a Firebird performance. She sees Tara as a threat to her position and title as "youngest principal dancer ever" with the Company and therefore gives Tara a hard time, going as far as breaking Tara's back during a tutoring lesson with Ben as witness. Even though Tara asks her on numerous occasions, even in front of Miss Raine, to make an apology, Saskia refuses and leaves the Academy before she can be expelled.

In Season 3, the Company director was able "to lure her back" for the role of Giselle in the actual production. She expresses her sadness at Sammy's death towards Tara and even gives her friendly advices about work with the director ("no artistry"), offering to take Tara through the peasant piece again. Later the same day, she accuses her partner of dancing only for himself and witnesses Ben and Tara dancing a pas de deux from the Giselle. She then offers Ben private tutoring lessons, teasing him with the possibility of him becoming earlier a soloist with the Company than expected, maybe even her partner.


  • Mr Jeffrey: "If you will care to indulge me in a little dramatic reveal, I have managed to lure back one of the Company's leading lights. Ah! Speak of the devil." - "Devil? That's a bit unfair."
  • "Last year was... It was a tough year for all of us." (to Tara)
  • "Mr Jeffrey, bless him, doesn't always encourage a lot of creativity in his corps. So whenever I got frustrated, my mentor had me write things down as a way to stay inspired." (to Tara)
  • "Were you just listening? Don't stress about artistry, ok? Just nail the steps and try to blend in." (to Tara)


  • Saskia injured her foot, while falling down in a live performance.
  • A video that Grace and Tara posted went viral of her criticizing Tara stating that, "You're not good enough, and you'll never will be."
  • She broke Tara's back in the episode, Breaking Pointe.
  • She gave Ben private tutoring early Season Three, much to Tara's annoyance. 

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