Dance Academy Wiki
Full Name Scout
Gender Female
Date of Birth 2000
Eye Color brown
Hair Color Red
Relationships Unnamed Half-sister
Kat Karamakov (Mentor)
Christian Reed (Mentor)
School(s) Dance Academy's Summer Program
First Episode My Life en Pointe
Last Episode Betty Bunheads
Portrayed By Ashleigh Ross
Barbecue flavour's better

—Scout to Christian, who offers her chips

Scout is a little girl who attends the community center children's dance class where Kat is sent to volunteer. Here Kat promises to take the children on a field trip and later forgets which makes Scout angry. A few episodes later Scout auditions for the junior summer program at the National Academy of Dance where she eventually turned down but later helped by Christian and Kat who train Scout to dance better and more professionally. They sneak her into the call back round for the junior summer program.   


  • “Barbecue flavor’s better.”
  • “Wow, she’s like the most beautiful dancer I’ve ever seen!”
  • “What's a betty bunhead?”
  • “Are you going to kick me out?”
  • "If only I had better shoes, these ones suck!"
  • “Number 15, Scout.”