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Full Name Sean Callahan
Gender Male
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Brown
Relationships Unknown boyfriend
School(s) National Academy of Dance
First Episode Learning to Fly, Part 1
Portrayed By Matt Lee

Sean is a minor character during Season 1. He is a first year student at the academy along with Tara, Christian, Abigail, Sammy and Kat. While usually in the background, Sean is a minor character that is known to interact with the main cast. He is Kat's dance partner in dance classes. In A Midsummer's Night's Dream it is revealed that Sean has a crush on Kat and was the one posting photos of Tara and Christian kissing around the school in an attempt to make Kat happy so she would like him. It is revealed in Learning to Fly, Part 2 that Sean had a boyfriend (The status of this relationship is unknown, as he asked Kat out episodes before). He does not return after Season 1 although the reason behind that is not explained in the show.


Kat Karamakov

Aside from being a friend and a dance partner, Sean flirts with Kat in many of his appearances throughout Season 1. For the most part, Kat is the only main character that Sean interacts with on a regular basis. It is shown he has a crush on Kat aside from consistent flirting in A Midsummer's Night's Dream, as he spends the whole episode trying to impress her.

Sammy Lieberman

In the first few episodes, Sean and other male students made fun of Sammy for reasons including the fact that Miss Raine made him dance en pointe. Kat eventually stopped this. In the Season 1 finale Learning to Fly, Part 2, Sean noticed that Sammy was looking for his father in the audience. He asked him if his father was a no-show, and then told Sammy that his own father hasn't spoken to him since he found out he had a boyfriend. Though it's unclear if Sean was trying to console Sammy, or just make relevant conversation, this foreshadows Sammy's sexual confusion storyline in Season 2.


  • In Minefield he and Kat have to lead each other around blindfolded.
  • In Heatwave he sweats so much that it results in Sammy slipping and falling in a puddle of his sweat.
  • He is a DJ as evidenced at Kat's 16th birthday party