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Sebastian Karamakov
Full Name Sebastian Karamakov
Gender Male
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Family Natasha Willis wife

Katrina Karamakov daughter
Ethan Karamakov son

Relationships Ethan's Mom, (ex-wife)

Natasha Willis, wife
Saskia Duncan, possible girlfriend

Job Choreographer
First Episode Heatwave
Last Episode Like No One's Watching
Reason Season 2 Ended
Portrayed By Peter O'Brien

Sebastian Karamakov is a minor character in Season 1 and Season 2 of dance academy. He is the father of Katrina Karamakov and Ethan Karamakov ; and Natasha Willis's husband. He is a choreogrpapher and temporarily hires Ethan as his assistant. He divorced his first wife, who is Ethan's mother, and Ethan spots him with Saskia and worries that he likes her.