The Prix de Fonteyn

“The Prix de Fonteyn”
Season 2, Episode 24
Aus. Airdate

April 19, 2012


Liz Doran


Daniel Nettheim

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The Second

"The Prix de Fonteyn" is the twenty-fourth episode of season two of the Australian television series, Dance Academy. It aired on March 5, 2010 on ABC3. The episode was written by Liz Doran.  

Episode Overview

The international competitors arrive for the Prix de Fonteyn at the Sydney Opera House as Tara and Sammy go into final preparations. Tara discovers that Grace has returned to represent the UK, and is dancing Tara's Red Shoes solo to prove she’s better by winning, which upsets her. Sammy wants to have the others on stage, but since it is against the rules, he settles on a video montage accompanying his dance. He asks for Abigail's advice, who loves it; the pair then share a kiss. With the possibility of Tara studying elsewhere and still being in denial about his feelings for her, Christian finally realises how much Tara means to him. Despite her dating Ben, Christian prepares to tell Tara his feelings for her although Sammy advises him not to. After receiving a phone call, Miss Raine tells the students and Christian (who was on his way to the Opera House) that Sammy was hit by a car while out running and died on the way to hospital, leaving everyone in shock and emotional distress. Tara later listens to a voice mail on her phone Sammy had sent her earlier.


Dance Academy Season 2 Episode 24 - The Prix de Fonteyn
Dance Academy Season 2 Episode 24 - The Prix de Fonteyn
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