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“The Red Shoes”
Season 2, Episode 26
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"The Red Shoes" is the twenty-sixth episode of Season 2 of the Australian television series, Dance Academy. It aired on April 24, 2012 on ABC3.


Christian, along with the rest of the gang celebrates his 18th birthday on Observatory Hill, and receives a biker suit and is invited to join father Raf on a Tasmanian road-trip during the summer holiday.

Grace taunts Tara saying that she will win doing Tara's solo the red shoes. Abigail then takes Tara under her wing and pushes her to perform another version of Red Shoes ,the original, which calls for expression of real grief, which Saskia said she hadn't experienced enough to be able to perform the dance properly. Abigail said that a lot has happened since then, and even though back then maybe she wasn't full capable of doing the dance justice, now she is. Tara is hesitant at first,but then decides to accept the challenge and dance the red shoes.

When the final day arrives, Grace's performance is noted by Tara to be "technically and artistically perfect", but Abigail says that she dances without emotion. Tara, however shows genuine emotion during her performance; she has various flashbacks and even envisions Sammy dancing alongside her. She receives a standing ovation and emotional responses from everyone, including Grace.

Ben steps in for Sammy as Fonteyn contestant,as he was third behind Sammy and Michael. but instead of a personal showpiece he performs Sammy’s piece,  despite choreography having to be approved beforehand. He invites the whole gang on stage. Zach and Miss Raine also take to the stage, which bewilders the judges.  He even adds his own personal touch; Baloons drop from the ceiling onto them, and they embrace one another.

Tara’s voiceover concludes the episode by saying that despite Grace winning (and deciding to attend the Academy for third year), it was “never about winning” for her. Christian chooses to spend the holidays motorcycling with his Dad in Tasmania, promising Tara he will return for third year, while Abigail goes to Barcelona with Ethan, and Kat decides to spend her break with Tara on the farm.



Dance Academy Season 2 Episode 26 - The Red Shoes