• Are Tara and Christian together? or not? Like christian said that he could not love any one like he loves tara.

    Who falls? (in the promo) I think it may be Grace or Tara.

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    • It was a kinda confused I don't think that Tara and Christian broke up . Tara had this big smile on her face when he said that to her justh ave to wait and see.  And i think its Tara who gets hurt. Are we aloud to alk about spoilers ? 

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    • Hmm i think so too. Like OMG i can't wait :DDD! I think it is more likely grace because wouldn't christian come to Tara if she fell? Yeah we are allowed to speak about the spoilers.

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    • I've the worse feeling that it was Grace, but i don't want it to be her!

      I wouldnt have a probleme with it if it would be tara - i'm sometimes sick of her.

      I'm so excited to the episode!

      Well, lets take some points:

      1. Ben came to the fallen with Ollie. Seems like Grace.

      2. Kat didn't come to the fallen. Seems like Grace.

      3. Christian could be on stage at that moment to, maybe thats the reason he wasn*t there? Seems like Tara.

      4. Someone found a link at that Tara was brought to the hospital. Seems like Tara.

      5. -Tara is the main person. It's kinda unrealistic that she gots hurt in one of the last episodes, cause im about 100% sure that she'll get a contract (its always like "the main person gets everything"). And for a contract, she can't be hurt. Seems like Grace.

      But I don't want it to be grace :(

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    • good points. 

      to be honest i don't really care if it is either of them as they have annoyed me a little in the season.  Tara just needs to be thankful for once. -.-'

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