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  • JessyPop

    Anonymous Editing

    July 24, 2013 by JessyPop

    EDIT: WE'VE VOTED AND ANONYMOUS CONTRIBUTIONS WILL BE TURNED OFF. Hey guys! I have a little thing to tell you about ^_^

    The admins are wondering if anonymous editing should be turned off from this wiki. In my own opinion, it would be great for the wiki's social atmosphere, because a lot of anonymous contributors "troll" some of the pages by vandalizing, and some spam in page's comments, by acting they're a different person.

    Now, this is supposed to be a community decision, so what about you guys? 

    Here's a poll for you. Vote yes if you want anonymous editing to be turned off, or vote no if you want anonymous editing to still be active.

    At July 30th (the day after the fourth episode of Season 3 of Dance Academy airs), the poll will come to a clo…

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  • JessyPop

    Hi, I'm Jessy, one of the admins, and I'm going to make a similar blog post to the one I made a year ago. I think it's time to make a category blog post, since categories are running ammuck. Please follow the category list below.

    Character Pages

    • Main Characters (if it applies)
    • Minor Characters (if it applies)
    • Females (if it applies)
    • Males (if it applies)
    • Dance Academy Staff (if it applies)
    • Teens (if it applies)
    • Children (if it applies)
    • Adults (if it applies)
    • Students (if it applies)

    Episode Pages

    • Season One (if it applies)
    • Season Two (if it applies)
    • Episodes

    Character Galleries

    • Character Galleries
    • Galleries

    Episode Galleries

    • Episode Galleries
    • Galleries

    Cast Galleries

    • Cast Galleries
    • Galleries


    • Actresses (if it applies)
    • Actors (if it applies)
    • Minor Cast (if it app…
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  • JessyPop

    Jess here! Here's just a message from the admins.

    Characters should have a standard layout. The most experienced page we have is Tara Webster. All pages should look like that until further notice.

    Categories: Characters, Female Characters or Male Characters, Students or Dance Academy Staff (for those that apply), Teens or Adults or Children, Main Characters or Minor Characters

    Galleries are supposed to be set on a seperate page, not the character's page. Please make sure when you create a gallery it has 3 collumns and it's set on the second format of gallery. Here's a example.

    Also, add the template Gallerybox to every gallery. Example of template:

    JessyPop will be replaced with the words to the left of _______/Gallery. For example, Kat Karamak…

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